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The Complication of Family

August 1, 2011

I love family whether their are in laws, blood, or family we adopt by friendship.

At the moment I am going through a lot of stress because of “family”. My life is pretty much simple. I enjoy everyday of it and how it does not contain drama or much of it. I guess it was too good to be true that after enjoying myself with my own family I was going back home to hell. You see my brother in law girlfriend of 7 years left him for a man who she found off the internet. The way she left him was a bit rude. She went to spend time with the new boyfriend/lover for a weekend. She did not tell my brother in law the truth of where she was going and did not answer any of her cell phones. She came back and lied that her mother was sick and that she wanted to spend some alone time with the mom. After a few days of my brother in law not buying the story she finally told him the truth that she has someone else and she would like him to leave.

I came back and saw my brother in law in our house with all his suitcases and things there. I did not say anything other than to greet him and give him my condolesense of loosing the love of his life. My husband explain to me what happen and that he will stay with us for one week. I thought one week was nothing. But I lied to myself. The story goes deeper than the ex girlfriend leaving him. The story is that for 6 years of their relationship the parent stop paying him. I must clarify he is a farmer and work everyday on acres of land with his father. No one knew of this until now. He never told anyone and this is why I understand why the ex left. First everyone was making her out to be a gold digger. But in fact she was the one for 6 out of 7 years of the relationship paying for everything. How could she be a gold digger. I think she had enough of playing the man role and begged him numerous of time to speak with his parent, let his brothers know whats going on, or just go work somewhere else. After she has seen he wasn’t making any attempts she got fed up and found someone else. So I do believe she had love him enough to endure all the stress in which occur and to wait on change that did not took place. So I understand why she moved on. I just wish that she would of done it differently and talk to him about leaving and leave instead of breaking his heart.

So my brother in law is with us. Everyday my husband and his brother talked about the same thing. Ways to improve the brother life and thinking of ways to talk to the parents because things must change. My brother in law is around my age and he is not getting younger sorry to say. He want a family and to be married. He want to continue working on the farm. He love being a farmer.

My heart goes out to my brother in law but at the same time I am thinking about our finance. I don’t mind my husband helping a bit but I have a funny feeling that we will be helping for a long time until the brother can get back on his own feet. The farm business right now is not so good. The parents have a lot of loan in their name and so does my brother in law all because of the farm. I am just so stress right now. All the plans we have made for the remaining part of this year are going to be cancel.

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  1. August 19, 2011 8:03 pm

    I hope everything will work out. Sounds like some talking needs to be done and finances straightened out.

    • August 21, 2011 7:23 am

      Thank you Harold, I hope so too. The tension and stress as lesson down a bit but almost everyday something new is coming up. I am just tired and hoping everything will be completely resolve before the New Year is to come.

      Thanks for reading and caring. That means a lot to me. Thank you!

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