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Sexual Display in Public

August 25, 2011

public display I was reading the Cosmopolitan and the subject was “Why Sex is so Good”. The article pretty much was stating public sex bring climate into the relationship and give a sense of adventure instead of the norm of having sex in the bedroom. As I was reading this I thought about public display. I do not have a problem with a person kissing another person or holding hands. I don’t even care if it is the same sex showing affections to each other in public. But there is a timing and a place for it.

In my opinion sexual display should not be done around minors, in the park or picnic area unless if your out of viewing distance. You want a quicky and don’t have money or time for a hotel, but decide to have sex in your car. No problem, go ahead and risk getting caught for a ticket and a fine. A hotel/motel would of been a lot cheaper plus you can properly clean yourself afterward. Sex in public places might feel adventurous and get your adrenal going. Just be mindful, not everyone want to see what you are doing and minors are around. It is already bad that sex is display on billboard, tv, magazines, and videos…why add on to the problem of having a child accidentally see something that is suppose to be intimate, private, and precious between two people.

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  1. August 29, 2011 8:36 pm

    I agree not in public. But if I could be somewhere, like a beach or a forest clearing, and no one was around, that sounds romantic. But you do have a good point about the clean up.

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