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Difference in Opinions

September 9, 2011

We all have our difference in opinions in “everything” in life. Sometimes a person may be in the wrong or you both are agreeing to disagree. I have a neighbor who is also my darling friend. She taught me the ropes around here when I was a lonely meek girl. From here I have learned the area and how to get around. God bless her heart. Now and then we get into our debates and most of the time laugh it off. A few time we gave each other a cold shoulder but someone always gives in. Recently I got fed up and say enough is enough after she read my facebook comment that was not on my wall but on another person wall. See I like facebook to converse with others but sometime it has a loop hole in their privacy setting and there no way to go around it.

She read that I invited another neighbor to lunch and got offended. She just blew up and felt that I was neglecting her for this neighbor. In which I was not. The neighbor is a cool hippy chick and I love how free spirit she is. She arrived at my flat when I was finish experimenting in the kitchen and I invited her to try our my dish in which she gave a thumb up:) My darling friend got upset and I try to explain to her if she was at my door I would of offer her a dish as well as usual so what is the problem and she went on and on. We both went to bed upset and I woke up with an pounding headache and baggy eyes. I could not hardly slept and felt so terrible that we were arguing for nothing! I deleted her off my facebook account and told myself it is better that some friendship stay off friendship. Especially when one is going to take what a person say to another out of content. It has been a couple of weeks now and as I was leaving to take out the trash I seen a beautiful card with dozen of roses hanging on my door. This is how we always apologize to each other. I read the card and cried. I wrote her a message reply and thanking her for the card. I let her know that I am glad that our friendship as not stop for something silly because I don’t know what I will do without her in my life. Yes she drives me a little nuts at time, but she is a good person and a good friend. So when you have someone you care about that have a difference in opinions hear what they have to say and if you don’t totally agree on it try to not let it bother you much and let it go. It is not worth it loosing a good person in your life.

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