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Dining in a Bar

December 30, 2011

dining with friends

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Dining in a bar is so over play with elegant pricey restaurants. Don’t get me wrong I love those elegant pricey restaurants but bars are a good place to kick back, laugh out loud, make out with your partner or spouse. No one around to  look strange at you or asking you to “stop that”.

Tonight I had a nice flashback hanging with friends at a bar for dinner. Henry and I did not know which restaurant our friends was talking about. So we met up at our place and walked to it. When they mention this is it. I was like this is not a restaurant. Our friends laughed and explained it is inside. We followed  them and it was. The front area was a small restaurant and the back area was the bar and smoking room with play boy magazines, free musical jukebox, lot of loud talking and laughing. I took in the area and we all enjoyed ourselves. Normally I am such a prude to sit in a smoking area, but I told myself one night won’t hurt I think?

I set a playlist to the jukebox with hip hop to give the hard metal a break. When my play list came on I heard guys chanting me on to dance. I looked at them smile and went back to my conversation. Sorry fellas no free dance show here, lol. Later on the manager came and mix it up a bit for heavy metal and hip hop to play, lol. It was a nice mixture nevertheless.

When the food arrive it was so good. My plates total to be $5. I order a side of noodles and kidney bean with bacon. My goodness the kidney beans with bacon was the best I ever tasted. I plan to make some myself in the near future. Hate to wash the taste out of my mouth right now. I am still reministing, lol, I am so serious.

All and all the night was great and it was a great ideas from our friends to meet up there. Who need a classy restaurant all the time when you can kick your heals up and enjoy a night with friends and people of all ages having a good time.

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  1. December 30, 2011 8:04 pm

    Sounds like fun! Some times it is good just to relax, enjoy and go with the flow, especially with friends. No harm, no foul.

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