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God is with You…. in Church?

January 13, 2012

Have you every went for a walk or sat in cafe reading a book and a stranger approach you with a flyer? They start off with a friendly conversation than ease their way into an invitation to attend their church. You try to be kind about it and tell them you are not interested or take their flyers to cut the conversation short to be nice. As you depart from that person they say to you, “I hope I see you in Church. God is waiting for you there.”

Phrase like this drives me nuts. How can one say that God is “only” in church. God is everywhere and in us. I am not an extremely religious person; however, I do believe there is a God with many names and I respect everyone religions except Witcham. For me Witcham is a make up religion of people who play around with dark magic. So once the guy made the statement of God being only in church I had to correct him and tell him for him to be a church going person he should know that God is everywhere and in all of us. He agreed and still proceed to try to convince me into going to his church. At that point I said nicely, “perhaps, sometime later this year” for him to say, “make it next week” for me to say, “be happy I am honest to say later this year because if not I will not come at all.”

Have you ever had a church person come up to you to convince you to come out to their church and if so how did you deal with it?

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  1. January 13, 2012 8:32 pm

    To someone who knows about God I can see that what he said was a bit put offish. I hope that he meant well.
    In our neighborhood we get the JW’s some times and they tend to say that they have the answers. We listen politely and just say thanks but no thanks.
    You may know that I am a church attender, I believe in Jesus as my Savior. He has the answers, I don’t. I go to the Word Of God, The Bible, for answers. It is His message of truth to me and everyone else. Though I m not a scholar and I don’t claim to understand it all. But I ask Him to teach me and show me what His Word has for me.
    So if someone says they have the answers or only my church has the answers. I would tend to stay away. I will listen and talk respectfully and hopefully get the same in return.

    • January 14, 2012 5:17 am

      Hi Harold, you had me smiling and nodding reading your comment. Yes, I know you are a church attender and I like your insight and view. The guy I am sure had the right intention, but he was just a bit pushy toward the ending. I plan to go to his church just once as I gave my word and than that is it, because I have a funny feeling he might continue being pushy.

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