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Life Unexpected Problems

January 16, 2012

Today was a trialing day for me. My husband came back from Japan in bad shape than he left. He left with back pain but took his pain meds with him. Came back with back, hip, and tingling in the big toe. He was in horrendous pain that he was miserable as hell. That is how I know he is not playing the big baby card. This morning the first time in his life he call work and let them know he could not make it. We found a Chiropractor that took him today without an appointment. I should explain to you in Germany after the Christmas holiday many doctor offices are open one to two weeks later. When your sick you need to go straight to the hospital in which we did around the Christmas holiday. Today the chiropractor took a complete look, xray, and talk to Henry for a good hour or so. He let him know that he as a slip disk and pinching the nerves that is why he feel the numbness in the big toe. The only thing he can do is give him pain meds, a transfer script to go to a person for back exercise, and list of things to buy to also exercise at home. He stated it will take 2-3 months for a slip disk to adjust it self. If he feel bowel or urine release on it owns while not trying to use the bathroom go straight to the hospital; than he must have a surgery that is risky. The surgery can cause Henry to become paralyze if something goes wrong. We both held each other and cried. Henry is a young 30ish and we never imagine anything like this to happen.

We went to the place to pick up the back exercise equipment and two arm canes for support when walking. I watch him trying to get the hang of it and silently cried to myself trying to be supported and telling him how the blue in the canes bring out his handsome eyes. We use to joke how we grow old together both sitting in wheelchairs rolling along. I never picture for this day to come soon. Today was just a busy trialing day for both of us. We need to see two more doctors. One for a MRI and the other is still pertaining to his back who say the earliest appointment is the first week of Feb. My poor baby have to wait so long to get help. I love Germany don’t get me wrong but I hate the medical aspect here. Great social system, yeah right. It is not free. Everyone have insurance yes, but everyone have to pay for it. The social system part come in when a person lose their job and don’t have income to pay into the system…than this is when the system help out. If you are having pain and go to a doctor the first thing they ask you if you have an appointment. When you can’t wait for an appointment they tell you to go to the hospital where it cost a ton more than going to a regular doctor in the special area you have pain in. I could just scream, but I am just too tired from crying.

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  1. January 17, 2012 7:50 pm

    Sorry to hear about Henry and it does sound serious. If possible get a second opinion and ask friends who they see. Recommendations from others is how to find somebody good. Being a plumber I have had many neck and back problems but have always had good chiropractors and only needed adjusting. No slipped disks I hurt for him just knowing some of what he feels.

    • January 18, 2012 10:25 am

      Hi Harold we were just talking about having another opinion. He plan to call around first thing in the morning. I am proud of him trying to get around and practice with his crutches. Since this big eye opener he been sticking with me and dieting without a complaint. I can’t wait to get back my Henry in a whole!

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