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Self Challenge

January 31, 2012

I am a maniac and also lazy. Got to keep it real. Every year people make New Year resolution. Every year I come up with at least one thing to focus on the whole year. Which is perfect for me because my brain is always scatter everywhere. Last year my goal was to stop biting my nails. I am in my 30’s and too old to continue with that filthy habit. I never bite my nails out of boredom just because it was just there on my hand holding up my face and too close to my mouth. The temptation was too easy. To stop biting my nails I went to the nail shop once a month to get acrylic on my nails for a whole year. You know that hard stuff that women have on their nail when it is not theirs. Well I learned my nails grow quick and after one month it was my own nails getting acrylic applied too. That experiment costed me 480 Euros. You know what I could of did with that money?!?! Never the less I stop my filthy habit of biting my nails. I don’t even have urge to put my fingers in my mouth and when they are on my face I don’t recognize them any more. I guess that was money well spent.

This year I have two challenges. One is from last year which will roll on over to this year and probably next. Which is stop cutting my hair short every summer. So far the length is sitting on my shoulder. My aim is to have it sitting completely or at least half way on my chest. The new challenge this year is cutting down my portion and getting in exercise atleast 3 days a week. If more is done great if not, no sweat, get it no sweat. Okay I should of mention I am very corny too:) Another part of the challenge is to see how much weight can a person really lose in a year. Yes I know obstacle will hinder a person performance and goal, but that is life…right?

I will not state what I weighed at the end of December 2011, but I will tell you I have lost 17lbs since 31 of December. By minimal exercise of 5 to 20 minutes a day. I will not say I work out every day, because that would be a lie to you and myself. One week I broke my challenge rule and did not exercise, the first week I exercise every day, and the other weeks I did my minimal three days. I eat a sensible small breakfast just to jump start my metabolism so that it won’t get wacky. Lunch, I eat once again a sensible meal. When I have appointments to go to I carry fruits with me in my pockets so I won’t get tempted to buy junk or stop in at the bakery as I done many time last year. For dinner I eat the typical normal dinner. I only cut my portion in half and measure things more. I was amaze how tricky the brain is. I was full from dinner and last year I was eating double portion but never knew…I always fill up the plate and to my eyes it look like it was not too much.

I know it is possible for me to lose 20lbs a month if I exercise everyday and continue eating as I am. I done it many times. My problem is that once I get to my goal I get to cocky and blow back up but double from what I was because I stop caring. Saying that my challenge to myself once the year is over I will start the maintenance process and try not to get relax or cocky. The older we get it takes time to heal and to lose weight. On Fridays or every other Friday I plan to share with you some of my meals and food I eat to lose weight. At the end of the year I will give you the result of how much weight I have loss.

Do you have a challenge for yourself if so may I ask what it is?

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  1. mythineats permalink
    January 31, 2012 7:32 am

    Nice, This sounds like you most likely have this issue under control you just need to maintain it. Portion control is crucial I do agree.

    • February 1, 2012 12:22 am

      Thank you and thank you for visiting my blog please don’t be a stranger.

      I am taking each day one step at a time. If I crave for sweet I am going to eat it. But I don’t eat the whole carton of ice cream or candy bar any more. For example, I will take a cup of ice cream, add fruits to it and throw the rest away in the sink. I don’t trust myself to freeze the remaining. For candy bars, I will take a bite and throw the rest in the store garbage bin. For me it is better to give into one food indulgent as long as it is not over done.

  2. January 31, 2012 7:16 pm

    Good luck with your goal! Keep up the good work.! We’re pulling for ya…

  3. January 31, 2012 7:30 pm

    I’m on the sea food diet, I see food and I eat it! Ah hahahahaha!! No that doesn’t work very well except to gain weight. I like food…a lot! I’d like to lose weight and some times do but not enough. I don’t make a plan.
    I am glad you are doing well, keep it up! 🙂

    • February 1, 2012 12:41 am

      LOL, Harold you are not alone and thank you. I love food too. I am not a fad diet or gimmick person who have to stop eating what I love. I have to keep it real and just cut my portions and measure everything. But you do have to make a food plan. If not for the whole week than for each day. You could even join me in this challenge if you like.

      For example I give you a typical Monday food plan.
      Breakfast –
      100g yogurt (please check calorie content..yogurts are healthy but some have more calories than other. Dannon Light and Fit Peach is 80 calories and taste really good)
      100g Musli Cereal with 1.5% milk. This is almost like the 2% milk. Hubby don’t care for the skin milk so we use that one instead.
      1 Fruit of your choice

      Is many days left over dinner from the night before
      turkey breast cut in strips, tomato sauce, half cup rice and salad

      Couscous Salad w/Shrimp

      Fruits…I keep a bowl of fruits in our sitting area. It use to be a bowl of treats when people come over they help themselves.

      ***Every meal you should had either a vegetable or a fruit. Some meals you can add both.

      I think of food every day and every minute. At the moment I am keeping a food diary of all the things I eat every day and my activities to see what I could change the following week. I use it as a guide to help me on my journey.

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