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I Feel Awful

February 10, 2012

I need to talk about how I feel and when I don’t feel and just need an open ear, plus writing is therapeutic for me. Therefore, please excuse future postings without a comment button. Oh no, I think WP took off the no comment button option.

This week I am doing awful. It started by losing 20lbs so far. Hubby and I agree once a month we should go out and just order what we want without over thinking our meals. Just for one day. Last week Saturday we found a cafe in another city called “New York Cafe” and next to it is a place called “Motor City”. We were so excited to find something here close to America style that we tried the cafe and it was okay.

Sunday I checked the scaled and saw that I had lost more weight. I got so happy that Monday I walked to the store and bought me two bag of chips and a pack of Twix like candy bars. Ate them on Monday and Tuesday. Thursday I cleaned up my sewing room and found a bag of Rum Raisin candy bars mini. Why did I not ship them out with the other bags to my mom. Today was the pits of all days. I ate three potatoes like hashbrown thingy that are not too bad for a person calories wise. What was wrong is that I eaten 350g of bacon with it because it will expire tomorrow. Did not wanted to throw away a nice cut of bacon.

I wish I could just throw up everything I have eaten. My stomach feel so sick and look puffy. I feel so constipated. I have not work out since Friday, well not true. I have done 1 hour of Zumba  this morning.

I think off day from dieting is not helpful it just lead to bad result and feelings. Tomorrow morning I am going back on my cross trainer. I hate to see what I have done to myself  weight wise on Sunday.

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  1. February 10, 2012 5:54 pm

    I would say you are doing good! Yes, probably over did it on some foods, but keep at it and focus on an end goal. Not focusing on “I messed up today or over a weekend”. Go back to the routine you want and don’t over-dose one way or another. I think a break every so often is a just reward! Just make it easier on the stomach next time. 🙂

  2. February 10, 2012 7:57 pm

    I see it as a mutualistic hobby…I work out so I can eat and then eat so I must work out. Stay off the chips though…they are bad for you….I should know…its what I sell. Keep up your great weight loss!

  3. February 13, 2012 3:47 am

    Thank you Harold and Andy you guys rock! I weighed myself on Sunday and gained only 2lbs from all that crap eating. This week I am back into working out every day again and planning my meal at least one day ahead.

    I talked to the hubby Saturday and told him what I have done. He lecture of course and told me because I don’t cook for him too much any more still cook for myself. You see he has his own way of dieting and he do not want to eat a cook meal every night any more. I end up making a cook meal and have left over for days even when I try my best to cook small portions. By the time I make enough for two person which result always in a little left over he come home and says he not hungry he rather eat a fruit or a yogurt and call it the night. So I got fed up and stop cooking but doing so I end up wanting to eat something done and ready which is junk and a couple of fruits. Long story short I started back cooking and is learning to cook very small meals. What I normally measure for two of us I now cut it in half.

    I think I will be okay. I know I will have a few drawback but that is life I guess. I will lay off the chips because that is my weakness. I am a salt feen. I love the taste of salt sitting on my tongue. Never been much of a chocolate person and salt was the first thing I took out my diet…well not true. I found substitutions to minimize my salt intake. I will definitively try not to overdose and be kinder to my stomach. It was just a awful week food wise.

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