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Smart, Thrifty, and being Green Conscious

February 15, 2012

Everyone love to save so that they can have enough to spend. We all save in one area to spend in another. It’s an on going cycle. I have never met a person that save just to save.  I have been doing a lot of reading and watching people day to day habits. I notice many people talk about saving money by using coupons. Nothing wrong with that even though that’s a lot of  newspapers being toss away and a lot of time searching on the internet to print out something that you will cut out in a small square and throw the rest of the paper away if you’re not recycling.

I have a few tips of being a little conscious of  what we do daily but at the same time save. A few of the tips I am sure that many of you do already. So let’s start with grocery shopping. Have you ever notice that higher things are post in eye sight and cheaper items are place all the way at the bottom shelves that no one really bend down to look at. When going shopping take a look at what is on the bottom shelves and compare prices. Also brand names. There are so many store name product and generic products that taste as good as the brand name products you like. Why not try at least one store name product or a knock off to see what you think about it. I bet you might like it and switch to the knock off and store name products. That will definitively save you a lot of money. Still on the topic of grocery shopping. Every week there is always deals like 5 for 5, 10 for 10, 1 one get the other 50% off and the specials go on. Yes, I was just griping about newspaper but now let me explain. I am not saying to buy the news paper. Sale papers come out in almost everyone mailbox or hang on their door if not laying on the porch. Look through each paper to see what are the sale for that week. Compare to see which one is more worthy of you burning gas. Last on the food topic is fresh fruits and veg…go to markets that sell only these. You be amaze how cheap they are there and how much you can save. Most of them have a section that the vegs or fruits look like they are about to go bad or spotting and place inside a box of what ever giving  fruit/vegs. They sometime have a box for $5. Keep an eye open for this area. You be amaze what you find in the box. Most of the fruits and vegs are in tact and only a small amount is going bad. My mom and I rack up on these boxes in the past making sauces, canning, and freezing stuff. People are always amaze on our find. Almost forgot to add some grocery store does this in their dairy department. Check the date to see if it worth buying and if so you just score big!

grocery shopping

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Clothes shopping I will always say is more fun for skinny people, no insult. Just that skinny people can find things always at good deals, the clothes when not brand name is already cheap, and there are numourus stores to pick and choose from unlike the big and lovely stores, lol. But in general I have tips for all sizes.  The first place I want to state is second hand stores. There are a lot of second hand store that sell nice clothes. You just have to look around in your area to see which one prices are better and have nicer clothing.  Also you need to ask what days do they have half off the sticker price. You be amaze you can get an outfit for $2.  on those days. I love it! Also great place for people who sew. You can alter many of these clothes into what you want. Now I am not saying to only shop at second hand store. Sometimes I am sure you would like to treat yourself  to something new. The best days to do those are on American national holidays such as 4th of July and etc. There are always mark down prices, you just have to start shopping early to get your size. Also never start shopping as soon as you enter the door, go straight to the clearance rack first. Now a tip to the big and lovelies. Many plus size stores has a night a few times out of the years that the stores have special promotion other than store promotions. It is called something like “Friends and Family”. When the store close to the public shoppers who know about “Friends and Family” or have an invite can shop and receive an additional 20-30% off on regular price and sale items. The cashier will normally mention this info and if you have your email register with the clothing company to send out email they will let you know too via email. This is the only time I see spam as a good thing, lol. Lastly on the top of clothing is a must with shoes. I use to love Payless Shoe Source but the shoes they are making these days are a bit uncomfortable but they look nice. I still think Payless a great place to buy children shoes since they grow out of them so quickly also second hand store…especially for coats (2nd hand stores). Okay back with shoes. Payless always have Bogo. Buy one and get the other half off. I would say this is the only time to save at Payless. Yes, the shoes is cheap already but why not have bangs for your bucks! Another favorite place is Famous Footwear. They always have the same deal and if your into name brands you will definitely score big there. First you need to sign up for their email. They will let you know when the sale is on plus they will give you a coupon for 20%. That is a 70% already on one shoes. I am sure you are saying ” but did she not say,  it did not make sense to waste  papers on coupon?” I surely did. But you know what if you have an envelope that you was going to throw away or your child drew all over a paper use that paper and print onto.  Almost forgot to mentioned if you shop online. Always look for a coupon code first. This will save you a nice percentage of your total and sometime can give you free shipping.


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Okay we just knock out grocery and clothes shopping. Now lets talk about keeping up our hair and nails if we don’t do that ourselves. I will always say the best place to get a hair cut and a nice mani with pedi is at a cosmetology school.  The instructors are typically walking around the room watching the students. Not only are you helping the students become confident…you’re also saving big. Okay you’re not into the school idea you want someone who is already license.  Than thank goodness for cheap places that does hair. Which is funny to me because most student who graduate end up working those places first so why not go to the hair school. But that is just my observation. Also females who get highlights I want to let you know if your stylist have not told you as yet many places like Regis Salon do 7 highlights for $14 or $20 the last time I was there like two years ago. Ofcourse it depend on your hair length. However, many places have 5-7 foil highlights specials. It comes out cheaper and still give the illusion that your whole head is highlighted. Save you tons of money instead of doing the whole head and during retouch. Another good time to go to regular salons is when they have back to school specials. Some salon have special around the holidays but back to school special is a winner. Also if your a student some salon give student discount. They won’t tell you…you will have to ask.


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Before I go I want to hit on a few other things. Save gas by planning ahead. IF your in a none moving traffic jam and it barely does not move shut off your engine. In the summer time do the same but shut off also your air condition unless if it is extremely hot. Never forget to carry water, blanket, and a few sandwiches when going on a trip, and a flash light. If you can buy a plug in cooler at Walmart for your car. It will save you a lot of money from stopping at fast food places and restaurants. These coolers can also be plug in inside your hotel room. All you have to worry about is dinner sometimes depending on how many people you are with.

Tupperware containers I hate with a passion. There are so many plastic containers we buy with food inside with good seal. Why not use those for your container instead of throwing them away. They are great storage devices and you know what you paid for it already. Same with jars and bottles. IF you make your own jams or canning you can use some of the jars you have already. Just sterilize them and make sure the seal has not broken and no chips are in the glass. Same for seasoning bottles. Once the seasons are finish replenish them by not throwing away the bottle but buy adding in more salt, pepper, and etc. Cut down on your electric bill by plugging out items you rarely use. They might be off but when plug in they are still taking current and raising up your bill. Also do the same when you go out of town. Plug out every single items.

Okay I been too long winded but I hope some of these tips has help you. If you have any other tips not listed please share. I love to learn how to save; therefore, I will have enough to spend:)

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  1. February 16, 2012 8:30 am

    Nice tips!
    We use the plastic containers for left overs and wash them after using until they wear out. We also recycle.

    • February 18, 2012 1:33 pm

      Thank you, and I love that you recycle! You just don’t know how much that means to me. Don’t get me wrong I am not a person who is obsess with the idea but just a little bit conscious since living here. I almost forgot to add battery charger are a good investment. So many people as myself back in days buy batteries and once they are finish throw them away. Since living here and not working I invest in a battery charger that comes with 4 batteries plus I bought 4 more. Once my batteries dies from my camera flash light, wireless key board, mouse, or remote control I wait until two or three need to be recharge and recharge them. Put them away until I need them. This has been quite an investment that I am happy I have made. I have my brothers and mother doing the same thing. At first they laughed of how cheap I am now they laugh because they have not bought new batteries in two years, lol. Hope your having a great weekend and that your Valentine with your with was nice!

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