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Change of Plans

February 23, 2012

Yesterday I came back home from the hospital. It was truly a short stay since everything did not go to plan. I should of seen this coming since the first time we had an appointment the doctor in which I should of seen was not there. He took the day off and we waited four hours to talk to another doctor. Second visit was suppose to be the day they give me premedication for the surgery and tell me exactly what time to go to surgery which was suppose to be the next day. Instead they move my schedule one month further explaining to me that their policy is to take higher risk patient first. No problem I accepted that and email my boss to let him know I can not start giving date I should of.
Tuesday was the new date for the operation. On Monday night I pack my suitcase of books, blanket, towels, clothes, water, and fruits. Why bring a long a blanket, towels, and fruits. Well I am always cold and was not sure if they will only have a sheet or a blanket thick enough. Towels because in Germany hospital they do not have towels for you to use. You must bring your own. My neighbor told me about this and I thought it was a joke. I am glad I listened. The fruit is because my neighbor also told me it is not common for German hospitals to have fruits because it is expensive. It is best to take a long a bag of fruits with me, in which she was right again. The bottle of waters I took along is because I have a habit to drink water every few minutes. I just love drinking water and was not for sure it if they would have water in a jug like in the U.S.

A quick over view of what went wrong. We had an appointment to be at the hospital at 7am. We was running a few minutes late behind time that we end of having our photo taking from speeding. When we reach to the hospital and registered they told us what flour to go onto and gave me my chart with a food menu. We went onto the floor and took it right away to the nursing station. They took the chart and food menu away from me. I had to tell them I have not pick what I want. For them to tell me that the first day of operation they will pick my meal for me and the next day I can pick my own which is not true. They just give you what they want.
hospital room
We waited until they gave us a bed at 12 noon. We were both upset because we got up at 5am to get ready and the hospital is a hour drive from us. Once we finally have my room we asked when is my operation. They mentioned “perhaps in one more hour or two”. They will let us know. Before operation the doctors came in to talk to me and told me it is a change of plan in the operation procedure. They can not blow air into my stomach because it will collapse due to my weight. They have to go through the vagina instead of puncturing holes through the stomach. We said no problem as long as they do all they say they will do. After operation when they asked me how I felt I told them hungry. Can I please have something to eat. I have not eaten since 7pm the night before surgery and was very hungry and thirsty. They just laugh and said this is a good sign. Waited and slept on and off in the recovery room with saline running in my veins and oxygen pumping into my lungs. Finally they rolled me back to my room where my husband was still waiting on me. God do I love this man of mines. He is always there for me.

Later the doctor came to check on me and told us what had occurred during operation. They did not remove my tumor. They said it is in the muscle of my uterus and they do not see a reason to remove it after looking at it closer. I mentioned to them during ultrasound the photo showed that it was partially sitting in my uterus. They said looking closer at it via camera it is in my muscle so it will not make sense to remove it. Only if it was bigger and causing problem. I was so pissed. I have waited two months for this operation and changed my schedule in life just waiting. They said one thing than again say another. My husband, family, and friends was happy that my operation was not so serious that all they did was examine closer the area and flush my tubes to make sure they were not block, in which they was not. I am at home at the moment and is bleeding still but not much. Right now I just feel drain and tired.

I have took photos of the food they served me except the zwieback which is 7 child size toast of bread they gave me after the doctor talked to us. I gobble them down in an instant and was not thinking about photos….sorry.
hospital food
Dinner: 2 slices of cold wheat bread, three slices of cheese, one medium pickle, one leaf lettuce, and tea
Breakfast: 2 big rolls and one slice of cheese….I do not like eating so much bread especially in the morning that I ask for a bowl of muesli. They gave me a big bowl. I only ate 4 spoonful and was full with a pear I bought along with me.

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  1. February 23, 2012 6:45 pm

    Well hopefully this means all is okay and you can get on with life. Take it easy and recover well so you are ready to go.

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