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Self Challenge

January 31, 2012

I am a maniac and also lazy. Got to keep it real. Every year people make New Year resolution. Every year I come up with at least one thing to focus on the whole year. Which is perfect for me because my brain is always scatter everywhere. Last year my goal was to stop biting my nails. I am in my 30’s and too old to continue with that filthy habit. I never bite my nails out of boredom just because it was just there on my hand holding up my face and too close to my mouth. The temptation was too easy. To stop biting my nails I went to the nail shop once a month to get acrylic on my nails for a whole year. You know that hard stuff that women have on their nail when it is not theirs. Well I learned my nails grow quick and after one month it was my own nails getting acrylic applied too. That experiment costed me 480 Euros. You know what I could of did with that money?!?! Never the less I stop my filthy habit of biting my nails. I don’t even have urge to put my fingers in my mouth and when they are on my face I don’t recognize them any more. I guess that was money well spent.

This year I have two challenges. One is from last year which will roll on over to this year and probably next. Which is stop cutting my hair short every summer. So far the length is sitting on my shoulder. My aim is to have it sitting completely or at least half way on my chest. The new challenge this year is cutting down my portion and getting in exercise atleast 3 days a week. If more is done great if not, no sweat, get it no sweat. Okay I should of mention I am very corny too:) Another part of the challenge is to see how much weight can a person really lose in a year. Yes I know obstacle will hinder a person performance and goal, but that is life…right?

I will not state what I weighed at the end of December 2011, but I will tell you I have lost 17lbs since 31 of December. By minimal exercise of 5 to 20 minutes a day. I will not say I work out every day, because that would be a lie to you and myself. One week I broke my challenge rule and did not exercise, the first week I exercise every day, and the other weeks I did my minimal three days. I eat a sensible small breakfast just to jump start my metabolism so that it won’t get wacky. Lunch, I eat once again a sensible meal. When I have appointments to go to I carry fruits with me in my pockets so I won’t get tempted to buy junk or stop in at the bakery as I done many time last year. For dinner I eat the typical normal dinner. I only cut my portion in half and measure things more. I was amaze how tricky the brain is. I was full from dinner and last year I was eating double portion but never knew…I always fill up the plate and to my eyes it look like it was not too much.

I know it is possible for me to lose 20lbs a month if I exercise everyday and continue eating as I am. I done it many times. My problem is that once I get to my goal I get to cocky and blow back up but double from what I was because I stop caring. Saying that my challenge to myself once the year is over I will start the maintenance process and try not to get relax or cocky. The older we get it takes time to heal and to lose weight. On Fridays or every other Friday I plan to share with you some of my meals and food I eat to lose weight. At the end of the year I will give you the result of how much weight I have loss.

Do you have a challenge for yourself if so may I ask what it is?


Are the Elderly more Active in Europe than America

January 27, 2012

Since I been living in Germany I have took in many comparison of America and Europe. One comparison is that the elderly people here are very active and mobile. Whether on crutches, in wheel chair, or rolling crutches with a basket attach. Great to use for shopping bags and to carry big purses. I have been living here for a couple of years now and visited many part of Europe. I am hoping to see all that is on my traveling list of Europe before I turn 50 than venture out to Australia and Africa. We are travelers but since there is only one income we have slow down a great deal from the 10 years we been together.

Everyday I try to go for a walk even if it is just to the park 30 minutes away to sit down, relax, and enjoy the simplicity of life. During my walk and relaxation I sit and think to myself of how many active older people are in Europe. There are many bicyclers. Some walk with not so much energy and others walk quicker and stronger than me. I have to smile when they past me by. I talked to a couple of my neighbors always about my insight to hear their view on the topic. There are not many nursing home here and I totally understand why. In America from all the places I have live and visited I barely seen the elderly walking or outside, other than to take care of their property. I seen many in nursing home and assistant living. It is just weird really.

What are these elderly people in Europe doing to stay active and strong. I honestly can’t tell you. All I know in Germany they eat a lot of fibrous bread. There are so many variation of bread it is crazy and bakery at almost every corners with tasty goodies. You would think there would be a lot of fat people in Europe with all the bakeries and easy to reach pastries, that they actually consume! But there are not a lot of fat people here as myself (I have nothing against the fat and lovelies). They walk and bicycle a lot if they do not have to use their cars to drive far distance. Some even take public transportation such as buses and trains because sometime it is cheaper than gas and walk the remaining way to their destination. The people here are very active. Breakfast is typically but not always bread, lunch meat/sausage or jam with butter/Nutella with a cup of tea and coffee “almost every morning”. My sister in law think American breakfast is too much food to consume in the morning. Lunch is pretty simple when at home which is almost like breakfast. Dinner is normal food such as potato with salad and meat or soup with bread. Before dinner is “Tea Time”. Tea time is consist of a slice of cake and tea/coffee. I hate tea time, lol. I am not a cake person.

The next time you go shopping or for a walk take a look to see if you see many elderly people walking or bicycling. I be interested to hear your observation and your thought.

I Got the Job

January 17, 2012

I got it! I got it! I got the job and it starts end of Feb. I explained that I have an operation coming up and I will need a few weeks to heal up. He said no problem I can start Feb 24. I have to work 3 days for free almost like a probation period. I told him no problem. I am so sike this was my first interview and will be my first job in Germany. My pay is only 400E a month but I am happy with it. It is not in my field of expertise but it will help me learn the language quicker since I will have more people to talk with and help out with some of the bills around the house. I almost feel like my whole self again. I am going to help contributing instead of minusing. Happy dance happy dance!

Life Unexpected Problems

January 16, 2012

Today was a trialing day for me. My husband came back from Japan in bad shape than he left. He left with back pain but took his pain meds with him. Came back with back, hip, and tingling in the big toe. He was in horrendous pain that he was miserable as hell. That is how I know he is not playing the big baby card. This morning the first time in his life he call work and let them know he could not make it. We found a Chiropractor that took him today without an appointment. I should explain to you in Germany after the Christmas holiday many doctor offices are open one to two weeks later. When your sick you need to go straight to the hospital in which we did around the Christmas holiday. Today the chiropractor took a complete look, xray, and talk to Henry for a good hour or so. He let him know that he as a slip disk and pinching the nerves that is why he feel the numbness in the big toe. The only thing he can do is give him pain meds, a transfer script to go to a person for back exercise, and list of things to buy to also exercise at home. He stated it will take 2-3 months for a slip disk to adjust it self. If he feel bowel or urine release on it owns while not trying to use the bathroom go straight to the hospital; than he must have a surgery that is risky. The surgery can cause Henry to become paralyze if something goes wrong. We both held each other and cried. Henry is a young 30ish and we never imagine anything like this to happen.

We went to the place to pick up the back exercise equipment and two arm canes for support when walking. I watch him trying to get the hang of it and silently cried to myself trying to be supported and telling him how the blue in the canes bring out his handsome eyes. We use to joke how we grow old together both sitting in wheelchairs rolling along. I never picture for this day to come soon. Today was just a busy trialing day for both of us. We need to see two more doctors. One for a MRI and the other is still pertaining to his back who say the earliest appointment is the first week of Feb. My poor baby have to wait so long to get help. I love Germany don’t get me wrong but I hate the medical aspect here. Great social system, yeah right. It is not free. Everyone have insurance yes, but everyone have to pay for it. The social system part come in when a person lose their job and don’t have income to pay into the system…than this is when the system help out. If you are having pain and go to a doctor the first thing they ask you if you have an appointment. When you can’t wait for an appointment they tell you to go to the hospital where it cost a ton more than going to a regular doctor in the special area you have pain in. I could just scream, but I am just too tired from crying.

Followng Your Gut Instinct

January 13, 2012

job searching
Yahoooooooo! I am like doing my happy dance as I write this post. Today I went on a walk to the book store and on my way I seen a sign that said now hiring in three locations. All three locations are right in my area. I told myself why not take down the information and email them my resume as requested. As soon as I got settle in at home I email them and this morning they email me back for an interview for next week!

I was a little shock and very happy. Why a little shock is because I had a funny feeling I would get the job but can’t work when they would like me to. A bit of the puzzle is that I have a operation in a couple of weeks to remove a tumor. A tumor that will keep me in the hospital for a giving week or so and will make me not mobile for a few more weeks. I am sure your thinking “why in the heck did you sent your resume to the company?” Great question. I live in Germany and most places do not contact a person to start working right away. At least that is what I have heard from many of my German friends. For the company to have contact me right away must like my resume and really need help.

I called my husband in Japan out of excitement to let him know I wrote a German letter and a German resume all by myself and it was good enough and landed me an interview. I did not ask anyone, no one is hooking me up with a job, and I am not going the easy root of finding an English speaking job..not like it is anything wrong with it. My husband said congrats and don’t worry. In Germany if I tell them the dates upfront I can not work they won’t hold it against me during the interview. So I guess I will see next week if they give me the job or keep me in mind for the next time they need help again. Wish me luck!

God is with You…. in Church?

January 13, 2012

Have you every went for a walk or sat in cafe reading a book and a stranger approach you with a flyer? They start off with a friendly conversation than ease their way into an invitation to attend their church. You try to be kind about it and tell them you are not interested or take their flyers to cut the conversation short to be nice. As you depart from that person they say to you, “I hope I see you in Church. God is waiting for you there.”

Phrase like this drives me nuts. How can one say that God is “only” in church. God is everywhere and in us. I am not an extremely religious person; however, I do believe there is a God with many names and I respect everyone religions except Witcham. For me Witcham is a make up religion of people who play around with dark magic. So once the guy made the statement of God being only in church I had to correct him and tell him for him to be a church going person he should know that God is everywhere and in all of us. He agreed and still proceed to try to convince me into going to his church. At that point I said nicely, “perhaps, sometime later this year” for him to say, “make it next week” for me to say, “be happy I am honest to say later this year because if not I will not come at all.”

Have you ever had a church person come up to you to convince you to come out to their church and if so how did you deal with it?

Treadmills vs Cross Trainers

January 9, 2012

treadmill vs cross trainer
I love walking. I am not the fittest person in the world but I enjoy walking in nature and enjoying it. When it is too cold or the weather is horrible I use to walk on my treadmill facing the window taking in the breeze. Forget about watching tv or a stimulation. Looking out the window was my tv and brain stimulation as if I was going somewhere.

Two years ago I decided I would like a gym membership. I ofcourse went on the treadmill as one of my work out while I was there. But I also tried out the cross trainer and loved it! I learn that the cross trainer can burn more calorie in half of the time compare walking on a treadmill. I could jog but more in a control environment instead of jogging to fast or too slow getting tired faster than usual. So okay good think about treadmills are that you can walk with weights in your hands, do arms workout, and even dance as you walk. I done it many times. This is what you can’t do on a cross trainer. Both has it good points some higher than the other.

At the moment I an enjoying my cross trainer and lost 12lbs in 7 days with eating right and exercising 6 days a week. Yesterday I surprise myself and jog for 21 minutes to 1.3 miles. I have not done that in years! I still have a lot to go and I will use my cross trainer to help me with that goal. On good days when the weather is beautiful I will go for a long walk like today for 2.5 hours.